The Paw-fect Dog School
We are a reputable Surrey based dog school offering a wide range of dog training in a friendly non judgmental, fair, compassionate and respectful way. My vision is to give every dog a chance, we train any breed, any age, any issue, all dogs are welcome.
The Paw-fect Dog School

Provide a dog with a great start to finding a new home.

PDS Rescue is committed to finding the right home for the right dog, we are always looking for single people or families with potential to foster.

We welcome people with a range of dog skills and experience, we work directly with other rescues and organisations to support our own network of helpers.

Fostering a rescue dog can be extremely rewarding, fostering is build around the needs of the dog, not only will you provide a safe, secure happy environment but a strong foundation that allows smooth transition boosting the confidence of the it’s start it’s new life in it’s new home in the best way possible..

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